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Industrial - Organizational Psychology

The branch of psychology that applies psychological theories and concepts to organisations is known as industrial-organizational psychology. This field, often known as I-O psychology, focuses on improving workplace productivity and related issues such as employee physical and mental well-being. Industrial-organizational psychologists work on a variety of projects, including analysing employee attitudes and behaviour, appraising businesses, and providing leadership training. The overall purpose of this area is to research and comprehend workplace human behaviour.

There are two major sides to industrial-organizational psychology. The first is the industrial side, which entails determining how to best match people to specific job responsibilities. Personnel psychology is a subset of I-O psychology that is sometimes referred to as personnel psychology.

Employee qualities may be assessed, and then these individuals may be matched to occupations where they are likely to perform effectively. Training personnel, defining job performance standards, and monitoring job performance are all responsibilities that fall under the industrial side of I-O psychology.

The organisational psychology branch of psychology is more concerned with figuring out how organisations influence individual behaviour. Organizational structures, societal norms, management styles, and role expectations are all influences on how people behave in the workplace.

I-O psychologists strive to increase individual performance and wellness while also improving the organisation as a whole by recognising such aspects.

While industrial-organizational psychology is a practical area, it also requires basic theoretical study. I-O psychology covers a number of sub-areas, including human-computer interaction, personnel psychology, and human factors, all of which have their roots in experimental psychology.

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