Roles of an Industrial/organizational psychologist

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The workplace behaviour of employees is the focus of I/O psychologists. Help improve the total work environment, including employee performance, communication, job satisfaction, and safety, by utilising psychological principles and research methods. They investigate topics like as internal decision-making and communication to uncover problems and propose solutions. The following are some of the questions that I/O psychologists frequently ask in order to uncover difficulties and issues:

  • What are the procedures for making choices within a company?
  • How effective is communication within the organisation at each level and between the various levels?
  • How do team members engage and how collaborative are they?

Industrial and organizational psychology applications

Because industrial psychology is the study of human behaviour at work, it is applicable to every industry that requires human knowledge.

Recruitment of Personnel: Recruitment of the right man for the right job may be aided by psychology. Some of the areas where psychologists can make a significant contribution are accurate job analysis, standardised application forms, scientific screening of applications, use of psychological tests for vocational fitness, final overall rating, and continuous review and follow-up of the entire programme.

Selection and Placement: Measure the candidate’s aptitudes, IQ, skills, abilities, interests, and temperaments to find the right individual for the suitable role in the business. This is where Industrial Psychology comes in. It creates various tools, such as interviews and psychological tests, to achieve the selection goal; it also assists in the placement of employees in various jobs.

Training and Executive Development: The second phase is to train the executives so that they can perform better at their current employment once they have been carefully selected via tests and interviews. When planning an executive development programme, the Industrial Psychologist maintains a number of objectives in mind in order to improve the executive group’s effectiveness. The sensitivity programme technique, for example, aids executives in developing their areas of strength and weakness while working in groups.

Promotional Schemes: Employee promotions, demotions, transfers, and other actions should be based on their abilities, utility, and seniority. One of the psychological approaches for recognising people’s skills is performance appraisal. Seniority alone should not be used as a deciding factor in promotions.

Public Relations: Industrial Psychology aids management in the development of effective and methodical public relations machinery in order to project a positive image of the company. With the rapid expansion and growth of industrial enterprises, management is having difficulty explaining its policies, procedures, and practises to employees, shareholders, customers, and the general public.

Human Engineering: Human engineering is the process of developing and setting out equipment to maximise the efficiency of a man-machine system. Industrial psychologists that work in human engineering provide data that allows management to make decisions about how to improve the design and product for customer comfort and increased sales.


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