Behavioral interview – skill development program for interviewers

Behavioral interview skill training is crucial to mitigate the substantial financial losses associated with hiring the wrong employees. Research has highlighted that erroneous hiring decisions can cost companies an average of $17,000, with potential escalations to $240,000. In India, where 29% of businesses have faced such repercussions, the financial setback from hiring unsuitable candidates averages over INR 20 lakhs. The aftermath of a poor hire affects not only finances but also company culture, perpetuating detrimental practices. To counter these issues, comprehensive training is proposed for interviewers, focusing on evidence-based techniques to refine the interviewing process.

This program aims to develop essential skills for conducting behavioral interviews, including identifying and managing psychological biases, effective probing techniques, and creating interview rubrics. The unique approach emphasizes evidence-based learning, targeting participants’ specific learning gaps identified by the parent organization.

Founder, Director and CEO Amar Rajan

Amar Rajan, an experienced entrepreneur, organizational psychologist, and trainer with over a decade of experience in multinational corporate firms, possesses a strong commitment to people development through scientific interventions. With an academic foundation in Applied Psychology and an MPhil in Consulting Psychology, Amar brings a wealth of knowledge to his role. His proficiency spans psychometric assessments, people development programs, and counseling, further augmented by specialized training in Occupational Test Use (Ability and Personality) from the University of Cambridge, UK. Amar’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish MindCarter in 2015, a thriving enterprise that offers comprehensive psychological services and interventions.

Amar’s dedication to professional growth is evident through his active participation in subject-specific seminars and conferences. His contributions extend to research publications and conference papers, which have been well-received in academic circles. He has notably served as a speaker at various events and garnered testimonials for his impactful work. This extensive background positions Amar as an ideal speaker for a seminar on career options in psychology, where his insights will undoubtedly offer valuable guidance.

Having completed his Masters in Psychology, MPhil in Consulting Psychology, Amar is internationally recognized for his contributions in the training and consulting field. He has conducted training sessions in Qatar and UAE, reflecting his global influence.

Notably, Amar introduced pioneering personality assessment rounds to television reality shows, marking a unique milestone in the industry. He has received invitations as a chief guest and resource person for numerous national and international academic conferences and television programs. Continuously engaged in research, Amar boasts several publications in international peer-reviewed journals, with a focus on organizational psychology, sports psychology, and human factors.

Amar’s exceptional achievements include being honoured with the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in 1996, further attesting to his multifaceted contributions to both academia and the practical realm.