Who We Are?

Mindcarter is India's top testing and assessment provider, having been founded in 2009. In 2015, it became a private limited business, with headquarters in Trivandrum's Technopark. We are an Organizational Psychology Consultancy that provides corporate organizations with psychometric assessments, leadership training, and Employee Assistance Programme services.

To foster organizational effectiveness, Mindcarter, India's best Psychometric test solution provider provides solutions to a variety of workplace challenges, including how to select the best quality employees, how to engage the workforce, how to improve employee well-being, how to tackle workplace stress and burnout, behavior data analysis, employee development, and peak performance management. With the use of psychometric assessments, we help organizations to improve their human capital at all levels, with equal emphasis on skilled employees and the leadership team. We want to evaluate and develop potential in the most scientific manner.

Master Services

  • Psychometric service
  • Employee coaching
  • Behavior data analysis
  • Personal Growth Program
  • Employee Assistance Program

Foundation values

  • Foster organizational effectiveness
  • Innovation
  • Promotion of business/organizational psychology
  • Practising evidence based best practices in the field
  • Building capability of employees

Mindcarter has also captured its place on , , where the feature highlights novel ways of counseling like counseling at café shops, and counseling using AI.

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Offer , , , and to companies for improving their employee as well as organizational performance.


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Director and CEO - Amar Rajan

The expert team of consultants at Mindcarter is chosen, guided and mentored by Amar Rajan, a Cambridge-trained psychometric specialist. Amar Rajan has over 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur, psychologist and trainer with multinational corporate firms. He completed his Masters in Psychology, MPhil in Consulting Psychology, and submitted his PhD thesis on The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Effective Selection Decisions in 2017. Amar Rajan is internationally acknowledged for his contributions in the training and consulting field. He was invited as a resource person to take training sessions in Qatar and UAE.

Amar Rajan introduced personality assessment rounds in television reality shows, the first of its kind in the television industry. He has been invited to serve as chief guest and resource person for various national and international academic conferences and television shows.

Amar Rajan is continuously involved in research works and has many publications in international peer reviewed journals in his credit. His areas of interest include organizational psychology, sports psychology, and human factors.

Amar Rajan was honored with the Duke Edinburgh's Award in 1996.