Hiring the right candidate and placing him or her in the right job are critical for optimum quality output and reducing the rate of attrition in an organization.

Our psychometric service helps the HR team to simplify the complexity of the hiring process. We use reliable and valid psychometric tools to measure the personality, aptitude and attitude of a potential employee. These attributes are not obvious and may be difficult to discern during the usual hiring process.

We execute psychometric tools with utmost sensitivity. Our qualified and internationally experienced panel members advise us on choosing the best and the most appropriate tools. We associate with OD tools; an organizational development company in Berlin, Germany, to bring the best psychometric tools in the industry. Mindcarter is an official partner and the distributor of their tools in the Asia pacific and Middle East region. At present we use Personality-trait questionnaire, EQ questionnaire, Interest inventory, Motivational questionnaire,360 degree feedback, and Aptitude test.